Udumo Designs is a Non-Profit Company with Level 1 BBBEE status. Our heart is to provide a platform for keen and talented people to better themselves and their communities, helping them to grow and walk in liberty. Our various projects are therefore designed to not only create, but to leave a legacy through lasting impact.



  • Promoting the values of excellence, discipline and commitment
  • Creating real change through design and entrepreneurship
  • Investing in individuals and uplifting communities
  • Making the future sustainable through partnerships and mentoring

Our Story

Udumo Design began as a dream through the vision of marketing professional and entrepreneur, San-Marie Vogel.

During November 2013, San-Marie wanted to know how she could live her passion in interior design and all things beautiful, and still make a difference in her community as part of God’s greater plan.

Christmas decorations were out in full swing. Snowflakes were afloat and reindeer, heading for the North Pole, hanging in the shops. She felt something was out of place, since all of these products sported ‘Made in China' labels. There had to be a better way to employ local skills and to design, manufacture and deploy Christmas decorations that were own to our local South African heritage!

She immediately liaised with her local church (Oakhill) and signed up for their community project, Learn2Live in Wallacedene, a local informal settlement in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The already existing footprint in the area paved the way for Udumo Design and created another platform for Learn2Live to get involved in an enterprise development initiative.

They immediately gathered a team and put them through Work 4 A Living training. They started designing, planning and manufacturing decorations, which led to the award-winning ‘Fauna and Flora' Christmas decorations that were featured in the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre during Christmas 2014. Since these humble beginnings, the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre was bestowed with the coveted Spectrum Award at the 2015 Footprint Awards, and Udumo subsequently secured the contract to supply the centre with Christmas decorations for the following 2 years (being 2015 and 2016).


San-marie Vogel

Living Light! Passionate about people and progress! San-Marie’s career, which started in advertising and PR, includes highlights in retail marketing, property marketing and eventing. She managed her own agency for 12 years and recently expanded her skills to marketing in the agricultural field. Changing lives for the better is what makes her heart beat.

Gretha Bester

Gretha’s experience in textile design and development contributes to her firm understanding of design. She has worked as a teacher thus making her an integral part of our skills development projects. She loves all things beautiful and wants to instil that beauty wherever she goes.

The Team

Vine Accessories started working with Udumo at the end of 2015 in a small capacity. It was such a successful venture, that Udumo decided to collaborate with Vine Accessories on a much larger scale for the 2016 project.

Our goals for this project are to empower the ladies to obtain an income by teaching them certain skills to create unique, handmade, recycled products. We teach them skills such as crocheting, sewing, beading, arm knitting and crafting.


Phumla Ivy Ngqwata

“It makes me happy when I work with my hands – it is my life! Udumo’s project taught me skills that I did not have before. I would like to continue using my skills where they are needed. My wildest dream is to have my own company one day with different types of skills-development and projects.”

Lisiwe Tinzi

"I enjoy working with my hands because it makes me feel good and it is my passion, I learned new skills and I gained experience. My wildest dream is to have my own company one day with different types of skills development projects and to still have a family." "

Noluvo Myram Tinzi

“It was a wonderful new journey and project to be a part of. I would want to run my own project and employ people to help me. I dream of having my own home where I can stay with my family.”

Bukeka Yvonne Mlahlwa

“It meant a lot to me because it gave the black people in my community a better life. It enabled me to earn and income and provide for myself.
My wildest dream is to be able to start and run my own project like this one. I would like to still earn more experience and learn to make even more difficult and challenging items.”

Westcliff School of Skills

The learners of Westcliff School of Skills are also involved in a technical capacity with wire work and soldering.

The Team

Our Work

Tygervalley Christmas Decor

Our current upliftment project involves creating Christmas decorations for the 2016 Christmas Season at Tygervalley Centre, having done so successfully during 2014 and 2015 as well. The management of the Tygervalley Centre immediately bought into the vision of creating an authentic South African Christmas whilst empowering a community with new entrepreneurial skills.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre walked away with the prestigious Spectrum Award at the 2015 Footprint Awards when Udumo provided a refreshing and proudly South African approach to their festive décor in 2014 through a “Christmas in Africa” theme.

In 2015 we celebrated the Festival of Light, featuring various light installations incorporating traditional Shweshwe designs depicting the traditional Boabab Tree, herald angels and Christ in the manger, conveying the good news of Christmas.

In 2016 the partnerships with communities in Wallacedene and Paarl has signified the true meaning of the Good News Gospel! The 2016 project also includes handmade items produced by Westcliffe School in Bellville. Talented students with stars in their eyes were responsible for creating every star in Tyger Valley Centre! A heavenly host of angels were our inspiration for Christmas 2016. We used fabric, wire, lights and paper to create angels, wreaths and shapes to celebrate the Good news of Christmas. The angels theme also ties in strongly with the wonderful group of “angels” who assisted in creating the décor or 2016.

Westcliff School is also involved in a technical capacity with wire work and soldering. At Westcliff School they strive to give every learner the opportunity to discover his/her potential and develop fully by acquiring skills, in order to reach adulthood, become a worthy human being and contribute to the economy of the community.


Udumo Designs aims to be involved in various communities throughout South Africa. We hope to create real change that will leave a lasting legacy for the years to come.

Each person on our team has completed the 'Work 4 A Living' course, presented by Siya Sebenza. This course focuses on work ethics, professionalism and world view. Everyone on the team now has the motivation and commitment to learn the skill of producing quality textile products and the ability to contribute to society in a special way. Poverty is being defeated as each individual learns and applies life skills, such as managing personal finance, attempting and completing new tasks, and the satisfaction of reaching one's goals. Take a look at how each person's life has changed (The Team)

Our Beneficiaries

Our Partners

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